Created as a project for OuUnPo, Jin has roots in previous curatorial projects around the idea of myth and legend.  Exploring oral narrative to convey a story or emotion to listeners, Jin hopes to suspend belief for a moment and to share an experience while becoming embedded in story telling.  Given in the local Lebanese context, all stories, video, and subsequent material were sourced in Lebanon and presented as close to the original as possible.  Jin is the Arabic word for spirits, which are known to be helpful or harmful. Persuasive throughout all the religions in Lebanon, each religion and, of course, each story teller gives the myth it a distinct flavor.

OuUnPo, Japan Godzilla and the Phoenix Friday June 21, 2013 4pm at 131 Creative Hub/ Publicus.  Tokyo

Lithic Habitats

Lithic Habitats
Featuring Rose Nestler & Robin Stein

Curated by Zeina Assaf

Exhibition Dates: November 10 – December 9, 2012
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12-6pm

CUCHIFRITOS Gallery / Project Space
120 Essex Street (inside Essex Market)
New York, NY 10002
Focusing on the landscape of the American West, Lithic Habitats explore the connections between natural architectural forms and man-made structures. Humans have long elevated rock formations to iconic and sacred destinations meant for pilgrimage and exploration, as well symbols of national and state identity. This inspiring landscape is often contrasted with weathered man-made buildings throughout these vast states. Using ideas of awe and discovery of the western landscape, the works dialog about the reverence, exploration, and refuge in the land.

Briefly on View

Briefly on View, was conceived and curated by Zeina Assaf as video program at Cuchifritos during the week-long installation period in between shows from 2010-2011. Artists included Mike Estabrook, Arielle Falk, Annie Heckman, Morissa Maltz, Devlin Shea, Jennie Thwing, Alison Ward.

Image: Morissa Maltz


Adler A.F., Kim Holleman, Michael Kareken, Stephen Mallon, Al Wadzinski

Curated by: Zeina Assaf

November 11, 2010 - January 8, 2011
NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present TRASH, a group show highlighting artists whose work is inspired by trash, garbage, refuse, waste and debris.  Often considered aesthetically challenging if not abhorrently ugly, these products of human consumption are unavoidable elements of modern living.   These five artists alter our negative reaction to this phenomenon by interpreting waste afresh, creating beautiful or insightful images, objects, installations and performances and giving form to the old adage: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Image: Al Wadzinski Trail of Beers 2010

Shaping Mythologies

Culturehall Feature Issue 41 Shaping Mythologies

Myths pervade our collective psyche. They evoke the ancient past and subtly insert themselves in the present day. Rooted in making sense of nature, the supernatural, and the human condition, mythical stories intrigue us, at times frighten us, and sometimes comfort us. Ranging from seemingly innocent childhood tales to dark, sexual or subversive fantasies, Shaping Mythologies highlights four artists that use a sense of mystery and myth in their work through both personal and well known tales.

All the Trimmings 2011

All the Trimmings: a collection of works under $500

December 16, 2010 through January 8, 2011

Meredith Alm, Charlotte Becket, James Boyd-Brent, Carrie-Ann Bracco, Holly Ann Brooks, Lyndsea Cherkasky, Ernest Concepcion, Denise DeSpirito, Bonnie DeWitt, Mike Estabrook, Clea Felien, David Friedman, Gina Fuentes Walker, Lisa Lebofsky, Emmy Mikelson, Ani Monteleone, Jasmine Murrell, Rose Nestler, Jocelyn O’Shea, Lilly Pereira, Gail Quagliata, Devlin Shea, Lauren Smith, Ari Tabei (Aricoco), Jason Yarmosky

image: Ernest Concepcion Santa Claus vs. Mid-Earth Elves

All the Trimmings 2010

All the Trimmings: a collection of works under $500

Louis Zuflacht Studios at NY Studio Gallery

Dec 18, 2009 - Jan 23, 2010

Ronald PD Brandt, James Boyd-Brent, Holly Ann Brooks, Denise DeSpirito, Clea Felien, Gina Fuentes Walker, Eunjung Hwang, Charlotta Janssen, Lisa Lebofsky, Yen-Hua Lee, Emmy Mikelson, Lilly Pereira, Heidi Russell

curated by Zeina Assaf



Zeina Assaf, Christina Gundersen, 
Gina Fuentes Walker

Hamilton Landmark Galleries
467 West 144th Street

October  2010

Shooting footage of neighborhoods only lit by the glow from homes of the urban outskirts of NY overlaided with a shadow of subarban neighborhood creates a contrast of the idea of home.

image: Zeina Assaf 

The Shining Mantis: Kangarok

Curated by Zeina Assaf

On view through October 10, 2009
Cuchifritos is pleased to present the latest "Kangarok" battle drawing by The Shining Mantis, a Brooklyn-based collaboration consisting of Mike Estabrook and Ernest Concepcion. Engaged in mortal combat this past weekend, the resulting mural will be celebrated this Saturday afternoon from 4-6pm.
Image: Mike Estabrook and Ernest Concepcion

Disjointed Terrains

Disjointed Terrains

Stanislav Ginzburg, Kim Holleman, Lisa Lebofsky, Asya Reznikov, Joseph Smolinski;

September 3 - October 3, 2009

Curated by: Zeina Assaf 

NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present Disjointed Terrains. This group exhibition brings together works depicting un-sublime frontiers from modern day realities of interventions with nature to imaginary dystopic landscapes.

Image: Joseph Smolinski

Everyman's An Angel

Zev Jonas, Jayson Keeling, Rose Nestler, Robert O’Connor / Holly Beedle

Co-curated by Zeina Assaf
May 7- 30, 2009

NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present Everyman’s an Angel, a group show that explores transformation through the observation of religious experiences with a focus on sacrifice, including animal, human, and the sacrifice of the self for a perceived higher purpose.  This exploration, while inspired in part by myth, culture and religious observance, is intended as introspection on modern western mores and our de-association with both ancient rituals and the animal kingdom, as well as our focus on the individual.
Image: Jayson Keeling

A Portion of the Pie

Cuchifritos Gallery

Co-curated by Zeina Assaf and Felicity Hogan

Arielle Kildore, Madison Tarr, Jennifer Culler, Phillip Elliot, Heidi Russell, Kristina Maria Lopez.

Saturday November 15- December 20 2008

Selected by Zeina Assaf and Felicity Hogan, "A Portion of the Pie" presents a group exhibition of photography from gallery assistants at Cuchifritos. The photographs offer a unique insider's perspective of what it means to and work in the Lower East Side. In addition to the implicit autobiographical and communal dimensions of this theme, the work also demonstrates how the line between art and life can often be blurred or non-existent, and acts as an invitation for us to connect to the art already existent in our surroundings. 

Image: Jennifer Culler

Corpus Kinetics

curated by Zeina Assaf

July 5 - 26, 2008

A video art exhibition focusing on the human body, Corpus Kinetics brings together Laura Calhoun, Robert O’Connor and Bryan Zanisnik. The three artists portray the exertions of the human body through different narratives.

30 Second Spot

30 Second Spot
organized and co-created by Zeina Assaf

On view: Saturday June 30- Tuesday July 17th  2007 1-6pm
Winners show: Saturday July 21-Friday July 27

With the explosion of media channels, audiences are splintering off in dozens of directions, watching TV shows on iPods, watching movies on videogame players and listening to radio on the Internet.
With all this change, the advertising world is busy writing the epitaph of tv advertising’s most common currency “the 30 second spot”.  Always swimming against the current, Cuchifritos is taking up its cause by using 30 second spots to promote the work of artists who support this non-profit gallery.

Companies use the 30 second spot to entice consumers to the products or services they offer for sale.  In contrast to this more comercial use,Cuchifritos is using 30 seconds spots as opportunities for artists to create videos to describe a work of art they have created.

Working Space 2006

Working Space 2006
August 19 - September 23, 2006

Co-curated Omar Lopez-Chahoud and Zeina Assaf

Artists from AAI's Rotating Studio Program Fall 05 and Spring 06: Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua, Amy Chan, Cat Chow, Chitra Ganesh, Linda Griggs, Rune Olsen, Nola Romano, Jenny Rogers

"All creative people are empowered by an inheritance from the past, a gift that can only be repaid by dedicating a portion of our present labors toward the future." -Created Commons, Lewis Hyde
To reaffirm our commitment to this vibrant and historically significant multicultural neighborhood, AAI sponsors the Lower East Side Rotating Studio artist residency Program with artists chosen by a panel of outside artists curators and arts professionals. The artists selected are presented here in Working Space 06.

New Works

artHarlem presents:
A New Works Exhibition
Countee Cullen Library.

May 1 - 31, 2006
Opening reception: Wednesday May 3, 5:30 - 7:30pm

Asia Ingalls, Christina Gundersen, Gloria Holwerda-Williams, Tara Geer, Beth Miller Servetar

Curated by Zeina Assaf

Image: Christina Gundersen